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Welcome to the exposition of the central bank of the Russian Federation at the international exhibition and forum “Russia”.

We are in front of Pavilion 71. It was built in 1954. Initially, this building was intended to demonstrate the achievements of the Central Black Earth region. However, during the course of construction it was decided that it would house the exposition of the RSFSR The Soviet Republic
The concave semicircular wall above the main entrance is decorated with the mural “The People of Russia Built Socialism”. The mural depicts people of different professions and nationalities of the RSFSR holding banners and a portrait of Lenin.
The pavilion is made in the classical style. The portico of the main entrance consisting of 6 columns gives the whole building a monumental air.
In 1959, the exposition was narrowed down to “Industry of the RSFSR”. Four years later, in 1963, the theme was completely changed, and the pavilion hosted the “Atomic Energy” exposition. It contained booths on the topic of nuclear power, as well as models of equipment used in the “peaceful atom” industry.
The Court of State Services is closed for the duration of the “Russia” international exhibition and forum. The pavilion features an exposition of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation - “Smart Finance”.
At the end of 2018, the Court of State Services opened in the pavilion. It became the first in Moscow where you can register ownership of real estate located all across Russia.
The Bank of Russia is a mega-regulator, holding resposible for the development, regulation and supervision of financial market players: banks, insurance companies, pension funds and other companies.

When do you think the history of the country's main bank began?

It all happened back in the middle of the 19th century. As part of the banking reform, Emperor Alexander II signed a decree in 1860 to establish a State Bank. According to the statute, it was to contribute to “revitalising trade turnover and strengthening the monetary credit system”.
Today in the Smart Finance pavilion we will get acquainted with different development stages of financial technologies in Russia. Here you will be able to earn digital game rubles and then exchange them for souvenirs in a specialised zone.

And so, we invite you to the pavilion!
In 1894 the building of the State Bank Moscow office was inaugurated in Moscow on Neglinny Proezd (that was the name of Neglinnaya Street at the time). The pavilion we are standing in front of now holds some resemblance: it is also decorated with columns and sculptural compositions.