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We are in the retail investment hall. In the lounge area there is an investor's library. A shelf with three touch panels allows you to get introductory educational material on the topic of investments: demo versions of training courses, as well as educational cartoons, podcasts and other content.
Familiarise yourself with the materials and get digital game rubles for passing a small test.
Knowing the basics, we can turn right to an area where you can try to build your own virtual investment portfolio.
On the right hand side is a large vertical screen with short facts about investments.
If you fancy yourself as a broker, on the opposite side is their workplace, where you can manage virtual capital by reacting to external factors and making predictions. You will learn how your actions affect the overall result and get recommendations on how to act in such situations.
So, we've learnt how the financial world has changed over the last few decades.

What's next? The “Future” hall lies ahead.