As we can see, the approach to organising modern office spaces has changed considerably. Today, a bank branch is not at all like the uncomfortable savings banks of the past. Now it is a technological space, more like a cafe, where the client can receive a full range of services in a comfortable environment.
In the centre of the hall is a cafe. Here you can pay for drinks in different ways. What payment methods do you usually use?
In the right corner there is an AI capsule. Go on, talk to it. The artificial intelligence will assess your financial habits and make recommendations based on them. This is another opportunity to earn digital game rubles.
Although some branches are already more than just branches, there is also a flip side: one ATM can replace an entire office. Let's make our way to the Financial Accessibility zone. Four booths of different banks are presented here. You can have a video chat with a bank representative and even get a card or make a souvenir version of it.
Even if you are still too young for a bank card, it pays to learn about the world of finance and improve your financial literacy as early on as you can.

For that, let's go to the next hall.