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We have already seen public transport of the past and paid our fares there. Let's compare it to public transport of the present and the latest ways of payment.
To your left is the Moscow Underground area.

How do you pay your fare today?

Do you use modern biometric identification?

On the screen in front of you is some information on biometrics. After studying it, you can get your first digital roubles in our pavilion. In order to do so, you need to successfully pass a test. It is located at the monument in the centre of the hall.
Those who do not have a car will be more interested in the booth with one of the most popular means of transport today - a bicycle. Here you can combine work and play: press on the pedals and earn digital game rubles for completing the game. You need to avoid obstacles while collecting coins and bonuses.
Unlike in the past, nowadays personal transportation is no longer something rare. Unfortunately, along with the number of cars, the number of accidents is also rising. Let's go up to the car and find out how artificial intelligence helps us with matters that aren’t so pleasant. In the case of a road (car) accident, AI will be able to estimate the amount of damages and settle the accident without involving traffic police.
And to find out how far Russian money has come from its appearance all the way to the digital ruble, game versions of which you may have already started collecting, come up to the booth with an exposition about the history of Russian money. It is equipped with two touch panels where you can learn more about the exhibits on display. You can earn money here as well. To do so, take a quiz.
Not only the money itself has evolved, but also the way financial services are provided. Today, you can get many banking and insurance services from the comfort of your own home. Don't believe me? Then take the stairs to the second floor and see for yourself!